Services-Massage and Yoga in Traverse City

Trauma Recovery/Pain Relief


AAT-Associative Awareness Technique

SMRT-Sponatenous Muscle Release Therapy (Positional Release)

PRRT-Pain Reflex Release Therapy

Neuromuscluar Massage 

CranioSacral Therapy

Myofascial Release and Decompression

Essential oil Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

and now Yoga!

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Massage at ReBalance Center


Massage services not payable through auto insurance are payable at time of service and include:

sports massage

deep tissue 

medical massage

myofascial release


 Positional Releases and manual therapies

Bowen Therapy

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Small Class Yoga


Yoga means union. Union of breath, body, mindfulness, and healing. Yoga is the study of self and ReBalance Center brings the individualized attention needed to develop a practice that transforms lives. We use props, adjustments, breathing and visualization to inspire health and wellness.  Classes are small, 5-7 depending on the classes offered, including Yin, Restorative, Nidra, and Yoga Flows and alignment focused practices. Every Body is welcome and can benefit from yoga.

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Bowen Therapy


Bowen therapy with Dianna Walker-McPhail, uses the Australian method of fascial intelligent work to help assist the body to heal itself. Dianna has worked at the Cowell Family Cancer Center, with horses and humans in private practice, and Walk the Line for Spinal Cord Injury, and  is certified to provide this technique for those recovering from cancer, injury, and disease. 

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Auto Insurance Claims Billing

Michigan Auto No Fault Law

We are lucky Michiganders to be able to seek care for Auto injuries through the Auto No-Fault law.  The law ensures payment for Massage Therapy as a result of an auto related injury with a Physician's prescription including  trauma recovery/pain relief at
ReBalance Center Massage Therapy in Traverse City

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Advanced Therapy Group


 We provide Massage Therapy Services for Advanced Therapy Group Clients and many others. We work with the Therapists,Doctors, Case Managers, Insurance Adjusters, and the client's family to reach the best outcomes.  We respect each client's privacy, goals, and needs. 

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