Meet the Therapists/Booking

Rena Hicks LMT, LPTA, RYT200, Owner

Rena Hicks

Rena creates a nurturing space for our Neuromuscular Therapy and Yoga Studio in Traverse City for clients recovering from trauma, pain, injury and illness and want to improve their health. She uses many cutting edge techniques based in current theories related to brain/body based treatments that are effective and non-invasive. Rena has lectured, instructed, and draws upon 20 years experience as a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, a Michigan licensed Massage Therapist, and a 200 hour Yoga Alliance registered teacher.  She's gathered some of the best massage therapists and yoga teachers. 

Kaela Gordon, LMT


Kaela, Owner of Resilience Massage, joins our team of Neuromuscular Therapists. Kaela has a natural touch, a thirst for knowledge within the medical massage field, and brings the most current Massage Therapy techniques to her practice as a Massage Therapist. Kaela manages "Massage at ReBalance Center" for our private pay Clients in Traverse City. Kaela is a valued asset to our practice at ReBalance Center. Her interests include art and flying.

Venice Thirlby, LMT


Venice joins us to bring her intuition and classroom knowledge to her practice. Venice has a passion for detail and protocol and works diligently to bring the most current correct techniques to calm and create homeostasis in the body and mind. Venice is available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday by appointment. We are happy to add Venice to ReBalance Center. 

Marina Skop Friend, LMT


Marina joins ReBalance Center with her already successful Up North Massage in Elk Rapids. Marina can now bring her skills to the Traverse City community, offering sports massage, integrative neuromuscular massage, and and a host of other offerings. Marina is kind, nurturing, and professional and pleasure to have at ReBalance Center. She also continues to learn as she works on her nutrition certification. 

Dianna Walker-McPhail, Bowen Therapist and Author


ReBalance Center is so pleased to have Diane with us, bringing Bowen Therapy to our healing environment.  Bowen Therapy is a manual neuromuscular treatment that triggers the Myofascia, Meridians, and Receptors, creating the environment for the body to heal itself. Dianna is an expert in this field, has published, and has been interviewed by several outlets. Bowen Therapy, she states, is gentle but very powerful.  Dianna's new book "Walk as One" is available on Amazon.

Private Yoga Instruction


Those who practice yoga report less headaches, relief from pain, improved posture and body awareness, improved flexibility, and increased breath control and breath awareness. By providing small detailed and private classes, more attention is given to the student.  Custom group classes are also available by appointment. Currently accepting applications from yoga teachers to use space for private clients. Rena and her teachers have completed 200 hour training and registered with Yoga Alliance. 

Services-Massage and Yoga in Traverse City

Trauma Recovery/Pain Relief


AAT-Associative Awareness Technique

SMRT-Sponatenous Muscle Release Therapy (Positional Release)

PRRT-Pain Reflex Release Therapy

Neuromuscluar Massage 

CranioSacral Therapy

Myofascial Release and Decompression

Essential oil Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

and now Yoga!

Massage at ReBalance Center


Massage services not payable through auto insurance are payable at time of service and include:

sports massage

deep tissue 

medical massage

myofascial release

Trauma Informed: AAT, PRRT

 Positional Releases and manual therapies

Bowen Therapy

Small Class Yoga


Massage and Yoga now offered. Yoga means union. Union of breath, body, mindfulness, and healing. Yoga is the study of self and ReBalance Center brings the individualized attention needed to develop a practice that transforms lives. We use props, adjustments, breathing and visualization to inspire health and wellness.  Classes are small, 5-7 depending on the classes offered, including Yin, Restorative, Nidra, and Yoga Flows and alignment focused practices. Every Body is welcome and can benefit from yoga.

Bowen Therapy


Besides Massage and Yoga, Bowen therapy with Dianna Walker-McPhail, uses the Australian method of fascial intelligent work to help assist the body to heal itself. Dianna has worked at the Cowell Family Cancer Center, with horses and humans in private practice, and Walk the Line for Spinal Cord Injury, and  is certified to provide this technique for those recovering from cancer, injury, and disease. She has recently authored a book "Walk as One" available on Amazon.

Auto Insurance Claims Billing

Michigan Auto No Fault Law

Due to the Auto Reform bill signed into law by Governor Whitmer, our Auto No Fault is changing. Find out what you can do to "Fix the Fix" at town hall meetings, contact your legislator, and get involved to prevent loss of coverage. Arm yourself with knowledge to understand this bill and how it impacts your care.

Advanced Therapy Group


 We provide Massage Therapy Services for Advanced Therapy Group Clients and many others. We work with the Therapists,Doctors, Case Managers, Insurance Adjusters, and the client's family to reach the best outcomes.  We respect each client's privacy, goals, and needs. 

What is Neuromuscular Massage Therapy?

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy is understanding the body and brain as a complex system. It guides our deeper tissue work, changes connective tissue, eliminates trigger points, improves structure and are based on scientific knowledge of clinical evidence. This is anything but temporary. Visit us in Traverse City for this, yoga, and more. 

AAT-Associative Awareness Technique

AAT is a 6 step protocol and a neuromuscular massage therapy technique to address the brain and nervous system's role in chronic pain, anxiety, post traumatic stress, depression, brain injury, and difficulty recovering from trauma. Clients can  experience deep releases, sleep better, breathe better, think and relax better, and reconnect with themselves while releasing the effects of trauma. Traverse City has few therapists trained in this technique.

So Many Tools and Techniques

Neuromuscular Massage- refers to deep tissue manipulation, going further than traditional massage for relaxation.

SMRT-Spontaneous Muscle Release Therapy: Positional releases that honor the brain and body by releasing chronically tense areas, and recruitment of chronically inhibited muscles.

PRRT- Pain Reflex Release Technique: Addresses the autonomic nervous system with quick reflexive tapping that restores nervous system balance and eliminates pain.

MFR- Myofascial Release Therapy: Slow and deliberate connective tissue manipulation to change the fascial matrix that impedes muscle movement, entraps nerves, and creates globalized/localized pain syndromes.

Bowen Therapy: A series of applied movements to encourage the body and neuromuscular system to reach balance and self heal

Essential oils: knowledge of how oils, blended or alone, can enhance the massage experience, relieve head aches, inflammation, promote health and more.

Acoustic Resonance Therapy table:  follow the link below to find out about this sound system attached to the table that makes the client part of the sound experience.