What is Neuromuscular Massage Therapy?

Understanding the body and brain as a complex system guides our deeper tissue work, changes connective tissue, eliminates trigger points, improves structure and are based on scientific knowledge of clinical evidence. This is anything but temporary.

AAT-Associative Awareness Technique

AAT is a 6 step protocol to address the brain and nervous system's role in chronic pain, anxiety, post traumatic stress, depression, brain injury, and difficulty recovering from trauma. Clients can  experience deep releases, sleep better, breathe better, think and relax better, and reconnect with themselves while releasing the effects of trauma. 

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So Many Tools and Techniques

Neuromuscular Massage- refers to deep tissue manipulation, going further than traditional massage for relaxation.

SMRT-Spontaneous Muscle Release Therapy: Positional releases that honor the brain and body by releasing chronically tense areas, and recruitment of chronically inhibited muscles.

PRRT- Pain Reflex Release Technique: Addresses the autonomic nervous system with quick reflexive tapping that restores nervous system balance and eliminates pain.

MFR- Myofascial Release Therapy: Slow and deliberate connective tissue manipulation to change the fascial matrix that impedes muscle movement, entraps nerves, and creates globalized/localized pain syndromes.

Bowen Therapy: A series of applied movements to encourage the body and neuromuscular system to reach balance and self heal

Essential oils: knowledge of how oils, blended or alone, can enhance the massage experience, relieve head aches, inflammation, promote health and more.

Acoustic Resonance Therapy table:  follow the link below to find out about this sound system attached to the table that makes the client part of the sound experience.

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