About Us

Quality of Life


We help you learn to work with your body and brain to restore mobility though concentrated, specialized massage,  manual therapy treatments, and Yoga for chronic pain, stress, injury, brain injury, and movement limitations. Find your balanced self and enjoy your life.



We are a seasoned group of Manual/Massage Therapists and Yoga Teachers with skills in AAT, SMRT, Myofascial Release and Decompression/Cupping, Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Thai Yoga Medical Massage, Yoga, and many more neuromuscular based and mindful based practices. 

We Are Different


We are a clinic based in ethical practices, compassion, and with excellent documentation. We bill Michigan Auto No Fault with a physician's prescription for Massage Therapy, and we get results. We also offer Massage and Yoga services with payment due at time of service.